Friday, March 25, 2016

AIAR Weekly #16

AIAR Weekly
Issue #16

Featured material:
  • [AI] Google Cloud Machine Learning - Ever wanted to build business based on powerful machine learning tools and maybe even deep learning techniques, but infrastructure hold you up? Now you can use almost the same infrastructure as Google, based on offering from Google. In their service, you should be able to easily use tensor flow or other frameworks and integrate them nicely with other Google services. It seems that only sky (and wallet) is the limit now.
Articles and videos:
  • [R] Boeing’s Monstrous Underwater Robot Can Wander the Ocean for 6 Months - Underwater robots is a topic that I'm trying to represent here as often as possible. This time, you can read article about newest product from Boeing company. And no, it isn't a airplane. ;)
  • [AI] Scientific Research in the Age of Artificial Intelligence - If you are doing research, you often struggle with manual matching publications and other materials. Some cool information are scattered on the edge on your scope and looks seemingly unrelated. What about building AI designed to visually connect those publications and present them to you in a way that immediately shows their relations. Maria Ritola and her team build such tool and called it Iris. I wonder how doing scientific research will look in the future.
  • [R] Skydio's Camera Drone Finally Delivers on Autonomous Flying Promises - Yet another drone which promises possibility to follow moving target and simultaneously avoid different emerging obstacles. But this time, creators of Skydio claims that their drone not only safely avoid obstacles but also maps its surroundings and dynamically calculates optimum path to travel. But still no actual product to buy on market.
  • [AI] Microsoft deletes 'teen girl' AI after it became a Hitler-loving sex robot within 24 hours - Lets develop Twitter bot which will be AI and have ability to learn from its discussion partners. What can go wrong? Well... it seems that in case of "Tay" wrong things escalated pretty quick. I believe that this is another hint about developing safety circuits into every general purpose artificial intelligence.
  • [R] Robots Podcast #204: Satellite Assembly in Space, with John Lymer - This time John Lymer tells a story about his experience in designing and building space robots. He also explains general idea of building precise and agile robots designed to fix, operate and deploy satellites in space. Quite nice bit of space robotics.
  • [R] 6 Reasons Why Industry Needs to Be Agile as Software to Survive - Article about general trends in modern industry. Topics like 3d printing, robotics, sensors networks and automation are discussed there.
  • [AI] What if we could be inspired by AI? - In this TEDx talk, Alex Berman and Valencia James presents combination of dance and artificial intelligence with glitches. My art sense is probably too limited to fully enjoy this presentation. Can you tell me meaning of it?
  • [R] ZeroBorg - Since Raspberry Pi Zero is on the market for some time, it is time that we can expect Zero size add-on boards flooding DIY online shops. This time, PiBorg group is crowdfunding their latest motor controller board for Raspberry Pi Zero. They seems to be experienced with this type of add-ons and price also seems to be reasonable.
Book of the week:
  • [AI] Python Machine Learning - This time I would like to point you to something more practical - machine learning done with Python programming language and its tools. This book is quite fresh and has lot of positive reviews.
  • [R] Mobile Robotics - "What will I learn? What is, and what is not a robot – and more specifically, a mobile robot. Why we need robots. What subsystems robots are made up of. Different ways that mobile robots can move themselves around, and which are most suitable for different environments. How a variety of sensors receive information about the environment around then. Ways to classify sensors: proprioceptive vs exteroceptive; active vs passive. How a feedback system works. That robots follow logical sequential instructions in order to function. To create basic flow diagrams and pseudo code to program what a robot will do. How to develop a list of design requirements for a robotic system. How to design, implement and troubleshoot a robotic system."
  • [R] Electronics Design Engineer @ PiBorg - If you liked board from this issue of AIAR Weekly Crowdfunding link and you would like to work with PiBorg team on designing their future inventions, this job might fit you perfectly. Location: Near St.Ives, Cambridgeshire, UK. Tags: circuit-design, soldering, python, linux, raspberry-pi.
  • [R] Sock Removal Robot - [gore warning] Ha, I bet everyone would like to have such invention in his/her home!
MichaƂ Neonek, MrValgad, Tompul, Magdalena, Mucha
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