Friday, April 1, 2016

AIAR Weekly #17

AIAR Weekly
Issue #17
Featured material:
  • [AI] Where do minds belong? - Essay about idea that mechanical/electronic intelligence may be not optimal in terms of energy consumption and maybe after its developments it will go back to biological mechanisms like human brain. Quite interesting view on potential evolutionary path.
Articles and videos:
  • [R] Cubetto - Cubetto creators have very high ambitions. They want to start teaching programming three years old kids, with robots. And with such cute wooden robot and simple brick programming board it seems as quite achievable goal. Definitely worth checking.
Book of the week:
  • Nothing interesting this time ;(.
  • [AI] Software Engineer - Computer Vision @ Skydio - In previous issue of AIAR Weekly I presented product from Skydio team - autonomous and very sophisticated drone. If you are interested in designing computer vision system which can be used in such devices - Skydio team might be perfect place for you. Location: Redwood City, USA. Tags: slam, c++, deep-learning, neural-networks, software-design.
MichaƂ Neonek, MrValgad, Tompul, Magdalena, Mucha
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