Friday, April 8, 2016

AIAR Weekly #18

AIAR Weekly
Issue #18

Featured material:
  • [R] Engineer Explains: Lidar - Very short but complete article about concept of lidar. Must read material for "seeing" robotics newbies ;)
Articles and videos:
  • [R] Killerdrone - Some time ago someone attached a gun to a drone. And it was pretty dangerous proof of concept. This time, two Finnish farmers attached something less lethal but way much scary. You have to see it for yourself.
  • [AI] A dummy’s guide to Deep Learning (part 1 of 3) - First part of this guide wouldn't give you hands on snippets and source code, but "just" tell you some basic information about deep learning. Author promises that in next parts there will be more technical materials. Lets see.
  • [R] Could a Robot Be a Bona Fide Hero? - TEDx talk by Prof. Selmer Bringsjord. In this talk, he presents his view on heroic actions done by robots, and he discusses problems with moral classifications of heroic and civic actions.
  • [R] Delivery Drones To Be Used in Rwanda to Ferry Medical Supplies - I believe that this was just matter of time, but somehow that time was too long in my opinion. Finally someone will test transportation of medical supplies by drones. I hope that this will be great success!
  • [AI] Deep Learning and the Future of AI - Fresh talk from CERN. Yann LeCun discusses recent breakthroughs in AI research and tries to predict future :).
  • [R] Robots Podcast #205: Hadrian Bricklaying Robot, with Mark Pivac - Would you like to build whole house from bricks just in two days? Soon, thanks to this Australian company, you will be able. Maybe not personally but with help from their pretty sophisticated and neat machine ;).
  • [R] JetPack - Bluetooth Shield for Arduino Robots - There is too much Arduino shields already... said no one ever! This time shield will have Bluetooth module for wireless communication and motor controller. Fundraising is already successful, but I still recommend it.
Book of the week:
  • [AI] Artificial Intelligence for Humans, Volume 1: Fundamental Algorithms - Volume 1 of Artificial Intelligence for Humans series is effect of Kickstarter campaign. Jeff Heaton selects some starting level and fundamental algorithms related to machine learning and artificial intelligence and presents them in very simple way. He also provides source code for examples in most popular languages. I didn't had a chance to read this book, but for that price it looks like nice starting point for further education in AI.
  • [R] Introduction to Haptics - "Participants in this class will learn how to build, program, and control haptic devices, which are mechatronic devices that allow users to feel virtual or remote environments. In the process, participants will gain an appreciation for the capabilities and limitations of human touch, develop an intuitive connection between equations that describe physical interactions and how they feel, and gain practical interdisciplinary engineering skills related to robotics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, bioengineering, and computer science."
  • [R] Autonomous Driving Software Developer @ Bosch - When I'm thinking about Bosch I'm usually thinning about car related hardware or tools used in building construction. But it seems that Bosch also invests in autonomous cars technology. If you are robotics nerd, you can add Bosch to your interesting company lists. Location: Palo Alto, USA. Tags: c++, ros, linux, python, algorithms.
  • Sadly I didn't found nothing funny this time ;(
MichaƂ Neonek, MrValgad, Tompul, Magdalena, Mucha
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