Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Book review: Making Makers: Kids, Tools, and the Future of Innovation

Making Makers
Some time ago I bought Humble Maker Book Bundle which was containing 16 books from Maker Media. This Bundle, was dedicated to e-books containing many materials related to maker movement - a true and lasting DIY community.

Every book in this bundle is extremely interesting so I got hard time to decide what to read first. Since my daughter was to young (2 years old), and I was too busy to actually make anything I decided to start with Making Makers: Kids, Tools, and the Future of Innovation.

Making Makers is book in which author tries to guess and verify what are the ingredients which are building maker. AnnMarie Thomas apart from referring to her own past and experiences, is interviewing or mentioning about thirty other experienced makers. And this works great. She shows that in most cases, access to high tech gadgets and tools was not crucial. The most important factor was to find fun during doing stuff. And how to find fun? She mentions that sometimes it was while creating something new and unique. Sometimes it was during repairing something considered permanently broken. And sometimes fun and excitement emerged during disassembling something to see how it is working.

I like this book very much. It is written in very light and optimistic tone. And conclusions from this book are also very encouraging - you don't have to buy expensive 3d printer, tons of microcontrollers, tablets and similar stuff. You just have to take care of safety, encourage to experiment, show how are you doing cool stuff and motivate when there is lack of persistence. All of that in optimistic approach of course.

I would totally recommend this book to parents who want to engage their kids in creative activities, but are totally confused by today's toys industry. After this book you will find that sometimes such simple activity as sewing a missing button could totally change perspective.
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