Friday, March 11, 2016

AIAR Weekly #14

AIAR Weekly
Issue #14
Featured material:
  • [AI] Artificial Intelligence & Apocalypse - Another link about total destruction of whole humanity. And to add more thrill to it, this video is from two talks given to United Nation VIPs. Max Tegmark and Nick Bostrom tray to convince UN to support research about safety in artificial intelligence realm.
Articles and videos:
  • [R] DRL Miami Lights Finals - Drone Racing League is probably fastest racing league in the world. Pilots racing drones there have to face many obstacles and turns and make decisions in milliseconds. On proposed video you can watch finals held in Miami.
  • [AI] Lee Sedol vs AlphaGo match 2 - Some time ago, when Kasparov lost to Deep Blue in chess, some of my friends said, that this is nothing special, and we will have to wait long time to see computer beat humans in Go game. It seems that just recently AlphaGo from DeepMind just bet Lee Sedol (one of best go players in the world) two times. Are we watching history being made?
  • [R] Robots Podcast #203: Agilic and PiBot, with Harry Gee - Podcast about building educational robotics startup based on Raspberry Pi.  Harry Gee explains his motivations and discuss most tough and most exciting things he found during his company operations.
  • [R] Pibot - Pibot and tiddly bot are two educational sets from Agilic (mentioned above). Those two sets are designed to easily start without no previous experience but also allows to free experimentation with own constructions.
  • [R] Samsung's latest vacuum bot is a solid Roomba competitor - Personally I'm big fan of Roomba vacuum cleaner. I'm not experienced yet in picking best vacuum cleaner, but when I was buying Roomba there were overall opinions that Samsung can't compete with them. It seems now, that they worked hard to catch up competition. Anyone here has experience with it?
  • [AI] Tool: 31 Resources to Learn AI & Deep Learning, From Beginner to Advanced - Nice and short article with spreadsheet containing links to various materials related to deep learning.
  • [AI] AI Weekly - Weekly newsletter about artificial intelligence. It seems like competition for me, but to hell with that - I like to have someone to compete with ;).
  • [R] Continuous-Time Trajectory Optimization for Online UAV Replanning - Fresh video from ETH Zurich. This time they show how their drones make decisions about which route to take to arrive to selected point. I'm looking forward to see this in actual forest.
  • [R] Kamibot - Kamibot is Arduino based educational robot with twist. The twist is that it can be modificated with origami based "bodies" so anyone can easily give it personal touch.
Book of the week:
  • [AI] Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies - In previous issue of AIAR Weekly I linked to cool blog post about superintelligence. This time I would like to present book which more or less touches the same topic. Even Elon Musk and Bill Gates recommends to read it.
  • [AI] CS408: Advanced Artificial Intelligence - "This course will present advanced topics in Artificial Intelligence (AI).  We will begin by defining the term "software agent” and discussing how software agents differ from programs in general.  We will then take a look at those problems in the field of AI that tend to receive the most attention.  Different researchers approach these problems differently.  In this course, we will focus on how to build and search graph data structures needed to create software agents, an approach that you will find useful for solving many problems in AI.  We will also learn to "break down” larger problems into a number of more specific, manageable sub-problems."
  • [AI] Software Engineer @ Connectifier - Hiring new employees is always some kind of problem for practically every company. Connectifier tries to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to find right person for right opening. Location: San-Francisco, United States. Tags: java, c++, machine-learning, algorithms, artificial-intelligence.
  • [R] Simone's robots - Simone Giertz has Youtube channel where she presents her unusual robotics constructions. And unusual is really "soft" description of her inventions ;).
MichaƂ Neonek, MrValgad, Tompul, Magdalena
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