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AIAR Weekly #13

Hello fellow readers. When I started this newsletter I was pretty fresh in robotics topics. During previous 12 issues I become more and more familiar with it, and I found that it is very hard to talk about robots without talking about artificial intelligence. So I decided to include links about artificial intelligence and change name of this newsletter to Artificial Intelligence And Robotics Weekly -   AIAR Weekly. I will mark every link with appropriate prefix, so if you are interested in only one topic you will be able to skip uninteresting links. I hope that new form of this newsletter will offer more complete experience on those two related, but different topics.

AIAR Weekly
Issue #13
Featured material:
  • [AI] The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence - This is pretty old "news" but I think that it is one of best materials which can explain problem with artificial superintelligence. Especially potential dangers of superintelligence and why should we bother about it. Mentioning this article is also inauguration of AI part of this newsletter. Don't forget to read second part which is even more interesting!
Articles and videos:
  • [R] Nixie - Nixie is yet another drone designed to record video and take photos of targeted persons. But there is small plot twist - Nixie comes in form of wrist band which makes extremely handy and portable. Team behind Nixie presented working prototype and it seems that they are not running crowdfunding campaign (which is very popular business strategy in drones startups recently) which is very promising combination.
  • [R] Drones Have Reached a Tipping Point—Here’s What Happens Next - Drones and drones development are constant hot topic in this newsletter. In this article, Peter Diamandis asks Chris Anderson to identify top 5 recent and 5 anticipated breakthroughs in drones area. Worth to at lest check those points.
  • [AI] The Future of Artificial Intelligence - Fresh recording from talk about newest developments and potential impact presented by Demis Hassabis - CEO of DeepMind. Slightly longish, but very interesting.
  • [R] Raspberry Pi 3 on sale now at $35 - There is always at least small celebration and euphoria in DIY community when there is a premiere of new iteration of Raspberry Pi computers. This time we will receive RasPi with 1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU (~10x the performance of Raspberry Pi 1) with Integrated 802.11n wireless LAN and Bluetooth 4.1. Do I have to point it as a nice IoT starter device?
  • [R] Monkeys Navigate a Wheelchair With Their Thoughts - I love to see such amazing research results. Although it is not robotics related per se, it shows possibilities of connecting human (well, monkey to be exact) brain to electronic/mechanical object in a way, that the "brain" of this combination can select direction of movement. It seems like something extremely useful to totally paralyzed persons.
  • [R] The ROAR project - I'm afraid that after further development and optimization of this project there could be massive layoffs of trash removing employees. And from technical point of view, this example shows great synergy in using drones and on ground vehicles. 
  • [R] How A Robotic Octopus Could Help Us Control Autonomous Drone Swarms - Article about interesting idea of building robot which will consist couple of autonomous "brains" but connected with each other to collectively work for benefit of whole entity.
  • [R] Pepper - Pepper is robotic companion specializing in perception of emotions. Designed for interactions in commercial places it could be also "adopted" as a part of family.
  • [R] EPOR - EPOR is abbreviation for Educational Programming Oriented Robot. Which more or less means that this small robot is designed to be easily programmed with Scratch 2.0, Ardublock and S4A. It might be not as powerful as other robots presented here, but it seems like it might be nice physical device used early education programming classes.
Book of the week:
  • [AI] CS405: Artificial Intelligence - "CS405 introduces the field of artificial intelligence (AI).  Materials on AI programming, logic, search, game playing, machine learning, natural language understanding, and robotics introduce the student to AI methods, tools, and techniques, their application to computational problems, and their contribution to understanding intelligence.  Because each of these topics could be a course unto itself, the material is introductory and not complete.  Each unit presents the problem a topic addresses, current progress, and approaches to the problem.  The readings include and cite more materials that are referenced in this course, and students are encouraged to use these resources to pursue topics of interest after this course."
  • [AI] Research Scientist @ OpenAI - If Elon Musk is afraid of destructive potential of artificial intelligence, you know that this is serious matter. OpenAI is non profit organization which aims to research and develop idea of friendly and safe AI which will in the end operate for benefit of mankind. OpenAI just started, but they are open for hiring new extraordinary researchers. Location: San-Francisco, United States. Tags: deep-learning, open-source, research, machine-learning, artificial-intelligence.
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