Friday, December 11, 2015

Robotics Weekly #1

Robotics Weekly
Issue #1

Featured article:
  • Can my robot recognize stuff? - Google has recently announced that they released Google Cloud Vision API. This means, that if your robot is connected to Internet and have video camera, you can use their API and try to recognize objects which your robot see. This could also work for detecting/guessing emotions of person.
Articles and videos:
  • Fleye - very interesting flying robot in form of basketball which is supposed to be taking cool images/videos autonomously. And since it has ball form it should be safer than traditional drone.
Book of the week:
  • Make: Making Simple Robots - book about getting started with robots world. Parts of this book are dedicated to get you familiar with simple tinkering concepts, CAD software, and Arduino boards. You probably will bot build super humanoid robot after this book, but you will be able to check it this stuff is right for you. If you are quick (till 17th of December 2015), you can get this and other book on Humble Books Bundle.
  • Aerial Robotics - first of series of courses on Coursera related to robotics. This course is dedicated to moving in three dimensional cluttered environments.
  • Software Engineer / Robotics Engineer @ Boston Dynamics - do you know C/C++ in real time applications? Do you love working with sensors, digital signal processing and putting data over networks? Go to their website and who knows, maybe you will be designing cool robots in no time ;)
  • XKCD - What can happen when you permute Asimov laws of robotics?  
Do you have link to cool news, article, tutorial or video and want to share with other robot fans? Send it to me and if meet quality standards I will include it in next issue of Robotics Weekly.

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