Friday, December 18, 2015

Robotics Weekly #2

Robotics Weekly
Issue #2

Featured article:
  • How to get started (and progress) in robotics - quick and simple guide about getting started in robotics world. It has hints and tips for kids, teenagers and adults and saves hardcore robotics engineering for the last step.
Articles and videos:
  • HRP-4C - pretty cool Japanese  robot which was designed to look like average 30 years old Japanese woman. Most interesting in this robot is its ability to walk almost naturally.
  • Bolt Stiller Show Reel Behind the Scenes (minimally NSFW) - do you know that high precision robot arms are used for high FPS cameras in some scenes? As you can see in above video, such robot enables precision movement and recording in time windows which is practically to small to any human camera operator. You totally need to watch final cut of this video (also slightly NSFW).
  • How differential gear works? - Ever wandered how differential gear works? Check out this vintage video which explains in very simple way how such gear is built. Maybe you will use it in your next rover project?
  • Portal 2 Wheatley - If you played Portal 2 game you probably can easily recognize "robot" Wheatley. He likes to talk and look around. Check out this excellent replica which mimics him just like he would be taken directly from game.
  • Spot - yes, it is another four leg dog like robot from Boston Dynamics. It is smaller that other "big" robots from BD, but also it is pretty agile, quick and autonomous. I can watch movie with it over and over again.
  • Treebot - Can new types of motion be invented and applied to robots? For example caterpillar type of movement? Looks like yes. In this quite old video you can observe simple robot that climbs different trees easily. It seems that checking nature for inspiration can give very good results.
  • Giant Robot Duel Kickstarted - I'm totally excited with thoughts about possible future fight between two big combat robots. Will we see epic battle of robots from USA and Japan? Obviously Japan will invest in melee combat, will it be enough?
  • GoPiGo - still missing gift for Christmas? Maybe you still can grab one of those small and simple Raspberry Pi based robots. GoPiGo seems to be nice as a starter pack leading to more sophisticated robot ideas.
  • HEW - simple 6 axis robot arm which is designed to stand on your desk and do stuff. It is controlled by PWM so it can be used with Arduino or Raspberry Pi and programmed with Python and Scratch among other programming languages.
Book of the week:
  • Paper Inventions - Do you know that you can make pretty neat constructions and circuits based on paper? Yes, ordinary peace of paper! Enter the world of paper crafts with help of experienced writer Kathy Ceceri and never look the at paper in the same way again!
  • Computational Motion Planning - part 2 of Coursera robotics specialization. This course is dedicated to most common approaches to addressing motion planning problem including graph-based methods, potential fields, randomized planners and optimization-based methods.
MichaƂ Neonek, MrValgad, Tompul
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