Thursday, April 13, 2017

Air Quality In Poland #11 - Tricity and Kashubia

After seeing my analysis, my friends from work said "to hell with Cracow and their smog, we would like to know whats the situation where we live". So I decided to analyze air quality in places particularly interesting for us, which are: Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot and Kościerzyna. In order to obtain data from those location we need to load description file and select proper measuring stations:
After picking station codes we can select interesting part of bigDataFrame by slicing using them:
Remark: As you probably saw in above line, I shifted time slice for +1 hour. I did it because I found that this is actual way notation used in data files. So midnight is counted towards previous year. It is quite important, because station names can change over year, and in this way we avoiding single measurements for some stations.

Rest of the analysis could be performed in the same way as previously.

OK, so what is the best place to live (breath?) in da hood? The winner is PmSopBitPl06 which is Sopot, ul. Bitwy pod Płowcami. Results are below:
Remark: As you can see, only 4 pollutants out of 7 are actually measured there. So we cannot be sure if this place is really best in this region.

And what is the worst place? It is PmKosTargo12 which corresponds to Kościerzyna, ul. Targowa. Tabular results:
Results are significantly worse than in Sopot and we are measuring 6 out of 7 pollutants here.

I'm not sure how to analyze it further ... yet. But maybe later I will return here to mess with it more.

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